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Lairy Wipers on a 182

  Z4x2 & buying a 182
So I have finally bought a 182! Sooooo unbelievably happy with it. What a beast. Most powerful car I have owned recently is my Z4M COupe but honestly I think the clio is more fun to drive I just cannot believe how much of a weapon it is. Very happy indeed.

As I am sure is the same with many clios it has its quirks which to be honest I find quite charming but I thought I should properly look into the wiper issue it has in case there are any worrying electrics issues I should be concerned about.

Basically various things including the immobiliser key button, and the drivers window, also set off the wipers. They dont set them off fully, they just set them off enough that they slowly creep up the window. So lockin and unlocking the car moves them about 4 inches, opening the drivers window moves them about 15 inches if you wind it all the way down...

Any ideas guys and girls?

Darren S

ClioSport Club Member
I have two cars slew the wipers slowly before...

Punto GT - the alternator was knackered.
Clio 182 - the battery was knackered.

Batteries can be sods of devices, simply because even when failing, the majority of kit that relies on them continues to work. Of sorts. My last battery fixed an array of issues, including a dim clock on the left hand side of the display and dull looking xenons.

If you have a compatible battery to try out, it might be an easy fix?