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lambda sensor

  LY R27
ok i have a 1.2 8v mk2 ph1
and on the lambda there is 4 wires coming off
white, black, grey and another white
what are these all for?
  LY R27
what one is the signal then, what colour!
as i got an afr
yeh only narrowband, but i dont actually want it to tell me accuratly, its jsut for the look reely, anyways dont have a clue what wire to connect it up to.
  clio 182cup
....Hmmm, i can't remember witch is the colour, but you can find it.

Take a polymeter, turn it to mVDC or 2VDC, splice CAREFULLY (with gentle) cables of λ. Start your engine. After 1 minute, take one terminal of polymeter to (-) of battery and check with the other terminal, cables of λ.
At idle you must read a fluctuate rate beetween 200mv and 800mv aka 0,2v-0,8V.
This is your cable... connect your signal AFR there...
At other cables you may read 0,00V or battery charge (13.5v).

looks a lot but it is not...