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lambo doors for mk1??



anybody know where you can buy the hinges for lambo doors on a mk1?
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I always get told off for modding my clio...i go a bit extreme and in your face style.

Don't do something like that. I personally think its stupid but its your car matey.
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like people say, dont do it, massive hastle, not very user friendly....and dont build them yourself.... deosnt work :s




as nice as they may sound....its really not worth the money

ive been in a couple of cars with aftermarket lambo doors...
and they dont just pop out and go up nicely...u have to push the door out and then up...and getting them back down is hard...then you have to pull on the door to get them to click back into place

HASSLE if you ask me

if your going for somthing diff....suicide doors?