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Laptop died? Can't find OS or Hard Drive

Samsung P28 laptop, had it 3 and a half years from new

yesterday turn in on, 10 minutes into usage and it starts beeping from underneath followed by a clicking sound, then freezes up

turned it off and re-started and it stops on start up and says can't find operating system

put the samsung restore disc in and it goes through its bits and then says can't find hard drive :-(

is there anything I can do or does it look like I need to find a new hard drive online, buy and fit that, sounds dead to me

bit of a pain as i move out in 3 weeks and I was just going online to buy a nice new tv

  Clio Sport 172
Sounds like the IDE/Sata (depending on how old your machine is) has either come off the board or out of the back of the hard drive therefore not picking up the hard drive with the operating system
Hi guys, managed to get hold of a 60gb hard drive for free so thats currently fitted and working, my old 40gb hard drive is now with someone else whos going to take a look to see what they can do with it

I backed up most of my stuff 2 weeks before the crash so its not all bad :)