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Last day - ho ho!

Theres only so much you can surf on the net though. I was doing this yesterday as well. Dont think Ive ever posted so much as I did yesterday!

Have sorted my mods for January ( As discussed in the power section ), found a house in New Zealand, bought some new golf clubs and almost solved world hunger!

Not bad for a day on the Net...
  Subaru WRX

I managed to spend a full 9 hours on the net yesterday while at work !! It will be strange being off for two weeks and not doing that every day!!

lol - I know -its like look like ur busy and close the internet window whenever someone walks by! And shout "AAAhhhhhh TOO MUCH WORK TO DO - I cANNOT COPE>...AAAHHAHHhhhhhh" Banging and screaming at the topof ur voice
  Subaru WRX

lol :D I have even managed to fob one of my projects off to someone else because I told my boss I was way too busy, he even said he had noticed how much work I had been doing latley and agreed to it !! What a life !!