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latest EVO mag

Has anyone got the latest EVO...its absolutely brilliant as usual. Has a massive road test with all versions of 172, except the mk1 :( ....V6, V6 racer, Clio Cup, Clio 172 racer and mk2 172!!!!!...they really, really rate the Clio Cup!!!...really good issue

Im a subscriber and aint got mine either

i dont see the point in subscribing really ..... grrrrr ..... yes its cheaper but the best you get it is a day early !!!! If it arrives ...

My subscription copy hasnt arrived either - so I phoned them up this morning. They claimed it was sent out last week and must have gone missing, so theyve arranged to send another.

Judging from all the other subscribers who are still waiting, theyre either telling porkies or a lot of Royal Mail blokes cant wait to get out of those red vans.

Hopefully it will arrive soon.