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Leaking Sunroof!!

  Abarth Grande Punto

I have the 1997 facelift model clio and my sunroof is leaking! everytime I go round a corner, water pisses out the roof winder console. The water seems to sit around the sill on the roof. I know that most cars have drainage pipes that run inside the door pillars, but I cant find anything on the clio??

Can anyone help??


Yea I did. My plastic surround had lifted up from the roof and water was getting in there.

Dad put some silicone round it (between roof and seal) and it seems to have stopped.

If your surround hasnt lifted up, it COULD be the aerial.. remove where your interior light is and check if its coming in there... if it is, seal that with silicone...

  Abarth Grande Punto

hiya daz mate.

Ye mine has lifted from the roof and the water does sit under there so I will have to get some silicone and I did change my aerial the othert day so I will check if that is done up tight. So Hopefully that should sort it!

Cheers Daz!:D

Mine came out of the Console... the drain things fill up, which over flow into roof lining, and the console is the only place it can get out...


Mine used to leak. But it was a 91 car, so its probably a different sunroof. Me and my dad took the whole sunroof assembly apart, cleaned it, and put it back together again. Never leaked since then.


miltage2, I think we had this conversation before - I dont think they exist. I could be wrong though...