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Leaves in heater fan

Hi guys ... just a quick question.After all this blustery weather it appears I have some leaves stuck in the Heater fan.Is it very easy to get to the fan or filter?

Many Thanks


  Shiny red R32


An ex Renault mechanic (now in an independent workshop) friend of mine says that nothing is easy to work on, or to get to on a Clio!! Every job takes so much longer to do than on most other cars! He has looked under my 172 bonnet and said that he hopes he doesnt have to work on my car as everything is just crammed in!

He said that I should get a Honda (CTR) as they are a joy to work on and they never need anything doing other than a service!



Ok thanks guys.... I didnt think it looked easy... I think Ill just wait until the leaves dry out and break up.