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Lebara mobile - anyone on one of their tariffs?

Currently looking around for a new SIM Only deal and Lebara are looking to be about the cheapest out there while also giving me what I want/need.

Is anyone using them now or had any experience with them?

I know they sell their international call plans pretty strongly but I've not seen much about them as a regular provider.

Any thoughts gratefully received! :)


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Genuine question, these always seam mega expensive to me, why your choosing them?


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I got a smarty sim for my daughter.

£10 a month for 30gb data with unlimited calls/texts.

They’re owned by Three so it depends on their coverage in your area.


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If people need international call to friend and family etc why don’t they use WiFi calls? It’s free.
Genuine question, these always seam mega expensive to me, why your choosing them?
They are doing No contract, 200 Minutes, Unlimited Texts, 500MB data, 50 International minutes for only £3.95 per month.

I only use about 300mb a month on the phone and rarely call anyone, so that would do me just fine!

I've been meaning to move plan for a while but have been prompted by my current provider texting me to say 'we're aware that you've moved [house] - call us ASAP to update your address so you don't lose service', or words to that effect. :rolleyes:

The only people I've told I've moved are the DVLA, so f**k knows why they are telling mobile phone providers. :cautious:


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Most important thing is coverage, depending on where you live. It's patchy as hell round here, so you have to be so careful.

Who do Three run off now?


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I have been on tesco for years sim only cheap although maybe not cheapest if you are existing customer 2 and year in even better than the advertised deals and customer service and coverage is great!
Lebara indeed are a Vodafone MVNO. But for £8.50/mth after cashback you can get a Vodafone branded SIM on a 12 month contract with 60 Gb 5G data and unlimited calls and text. Or £4/mth after cashback for 1 Gb data.
Thanks for that link!

I was looking on Uswitch, who I think subsumed the Omio site into their wider site.

The cashback thing looks a faff, lol, but good value if you are strict about that sort of thing!

website said:
Save £138 Cashback by redemption on vodafone
Send your claim in line with the Cashback Claim Process below and we will credit you by cheque with £27.60 each time.
This will save you £138.00 over the 1 year of the contract. In effect this means that your average line rental per month over the contract period is £8.5 per month.
Cashback Claim Process:
Claiming your cashback couldn't be simpler. You will need to send in your mobile phone bill at months 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12
It's so simple to workout when you need to claim your cashback, please see the below table on when you should send your bills to us.
BillClaim Amount
Bill Dated August 2020£27.60
Bill Dated October 2020£27.60
Bill Dated December 2020£27.60
Bill Dated February 2021£27.60
Bill Dated April 2021£27.60


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The cashback on is fairly easy to use - log into your account and the system tells you the date to submit the claim. It’s much more of a faff on Mobile Phones Direct, who make it as tricky as possible hoping that you’ll forget.


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Wow I can’t imagine using a mobile that little! But fair one.