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LED washer jets and viper stripes @!!@!!


Why on earth would someone destroy a 172 like that? (Just my opinion of course)

It wasnt a silver one was it - blacked out windows and twin round magnex by any chance? - I used to see that one going round Hemel Hempstead a while ago.


It was a mk1 silver 172, I dont pay the guys road tax or insurance its not my car, its not my money, but it looked OTT, this car did not have the washer jets that was a mk2 (not a 172) full of ice and noens built for sound not speed.
  7.6cc :D

In my self appointed position of Tacciest Forum Member i would probably like it.

My Kenwood sun stripe and go faster stripes arrive this week. cant wait"align=absmiddle>

*last bit was a joke*
  172 sport,

sounds like bens motor he bought it like it has made some mods of his own too i think it looks fine as almost everything is modded obviously not everyones cup of tea but it does stand out though if it were just stripes and leds it would probably look a bit tasteless but there is all the rest to complement it although im glad the stripes aint white there a sought of graphite grey
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hehe Im still chuckling over your revelations about the sheds at Max Live!

I reckon Viper stripes are gonna make a big come back soon. Look at how neons came back after people wouldnt touch em with a bargepole for a couple of years.

PS Im joking about the Viper stripes. But on a serious note, I think chop shop cabriolet versions of cars are gonna be big again in 2003.