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= Legal tyre tread =

Can anyone tell me what the legal tread limit is for passing an MOT. i just bought one of the measuring tools from halfords to find i have "6 millimetres" on average all round...

as far as i can see that should be fine, however im not sure..

any help would be fab, cheers.

Yup, 1.6mm. When I got my "new" Phase 2 wheels, they had some really naff, nasty original Goodyear tyres on them that made the car wander, skid and generally handle badly - but becuase the tread was over the limit, the law considerd these 8-year old tyres OK!!

If u look at the sidewalls of your tires their should be some little arrows which point to the wear indicators located in the grooves of the tread, once these indicators are flat with the tread time to change
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Legal requirement for tread depth is 1.6mm over the centre 3/4 of the tyre.

It can be bald 1/8 on the inner and outer sides of the tread and still pass an MOT.

Mr plod may have a different idea though.

Dont let your tyres get into this state in the first place, change em when they are getting low.


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Quote: Originally posted by rockport on 08 December 2002
1.6mm is the legal limit!? are you sure its not more than that?

infact, the legal limit used to be less than 1.6, but was changed. I think it used to be 1.3 or 1.2 mm