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Lets see ya ipod set up

Anyone have an ipod set up? Looking at the alpine range to run the ipod through.

Just wondering where i would mount it, any pics would be good :D
  Scooby STi, FiestaST

if your using the apline setup with the ipod adaptor id shove you ipod in the glove box.... With the apline setup you can use all the functions on the headunit rathre than mess with the pod itself.

Plus you dont have to worry about mounts or screws, and no-one has to know its there.. better than a cd changer coz u take it out when you leave the motor... just my opinion tho...
  Clio 182 LY + Cup packs

hi 172 gal

Im about to put my Ipod link into my 182 when i get round to it, if ya still live near Otley i can show ya it when its done.

P.S you get the new car then?


Yep i dont have the 172 anymore, got a Leon cupra R now.

Yeah id like to see the set up when its done thanks :D

What colour 182 do you have now? You still have the plate? (so i can recognise you!)
  Clio 182 LY + Cup packs

I let the plate go with my golf :(, because the 182 is a lease car so i wasnt to sure if i could transfer it or not, plus it was costing a fortune as I get bored of cars way to quick.

Its in Inferno Red, quite a nice colour actually, ill try post a pic if I can figure out how.

Ill give you a shout when I finally get round to fitting it then, wouldnt mind seeing your car anyway, there meant to be well fast?

BTW, has your sis bought a new black clio? Im sure I saw her bopping around in it through Otley.

Inferno, lovely colour....if id have gone for a 182 id have had that colour!

Yep the cupra is very quick, very different to the 172 but im loving the turbo.

My sister has a new clio...keeping tradition in the family ;)
  172 PH1,Skoda oct VRS

i have an alpine head unit and just wondering if the alpine i pod addapter works on all alpine head units?
  Scooby STi, FiestaST

Quote: Originally posted by christhekiddy on 30 April 2005

i have an alpine head unit and just wondering if the alpine i pod addapter works on all alpine head units?

the alpine ipod adaptor does not work with all alpine headunits... it has to be a newsih one... 2004 i think onwards....

Go here

and clip on IPOD on the left menu, then Apline..... it shows the compatable units
  MGP W02

I have a dension ipod kit... v.good and you can change tracks with the hand controls. a bit pricy but its a good system

I have a pioneer adaptor going as soon as i get it (tomorow hope:))!

Bit much for what it is but I can use all the contorls on my head unit!

Should be going in the center console of my valver behind the ash tray so I could leave it in there! thats what a friend of mine has done!
  Clio Sport 172

i had mine in but ive just sent my unit back as its faulty sodding thing i had the kca alpine adapter and as dan said mines behind my ashtray very handy to get to also out of veiw from chavs