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Lexus style rear lights...

Those pics should work OK? If not give me your email address and Ill mail em to you....

I have sold mine now, they were OK but the quality around the bonded edges aint that good..... maybe I am just too picky!

Picks worked today, still not sure, especially if quality is not top!! Are you from sheffield? Road looked like woodseats. Prob me being daft!!

Im from meadowhead area, only got a 1.2 though, sadly not a 172! Believe I followed you today up Hangingwater Rd, very shiney so I guessed it could be you! Still went up that hill well with a car full!!
  Cupra K1 & Clio 200

Hi, i got mine from James. Yeah the quality aint top notch stuff, but its ok

I think they do look sweet on the back of any clio, but perhaps silver more favourably because the back ground is obviously clear



  Shiny red R32

A friend of mine has them on a silver Saxo VTS and they look great, but having seen them also on a black car, they dont look as good as on the silver. I have seen them on a silver 306 locally and they looked OK.

In the current Fast Car magazine there is a feature on a pale blue 306 and it suits that lightish colour as well. In the adverts on page 259 there is a picture of a white XR21 which looks OK too.

If I see these cars when I have my camera I will snap them and show you!

Hehehe well well well, anyone recognise the back end of that silver 172 then?

;) - Thats gotta be worth a freebee of some description - ;)