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Like the New Forums!

*nods* The good ol WebWizGuide Forums... very good choice guys... Ive been running them myself for a few of my sites for a couple of years now. Rock solid performance!

Much better than the old - just dont go nuts skinning them!

About the stars....

Basically you can get up the 3 stars based on the number of posts you make. If you have 4 stars youre set as a Forum Moderator, 5 stars and youre the Forum admin ;)

*grins* Its nice using familiar code.... It all makes sense to me ;)

not sure about it the layout will take a while to get used to but i do like the user rating now that shows how good a user is>

yeah well done.

Crikey - will take a bit of getting used to - i really liked that the old one was nice and clean and simple. This is all very saxosportsclub... (waits for abuse!)

Its all a bit like Scoobynet? Thats no bad thing by the way, I really like it!

Need some Car profiles though one feels.



ClioSport Admin
  Maserati Ghibli S

turn the contrast down on your monitors you whingers! :eek:

Ill sort the colour out later (in a few days), Im taking a bit of time off...

but still how do we know what messages are new?

and i ahve turned my contrast down and im wearing sunglasses... truthfully I AM .... and its still eeeuuggghhh!

looks nice, compared to the old one!

anyone with a btopenworld account tried to post a pic yet??

bet you havent, cause it dont work!!

oh, and er, signatures would be cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ClioSport Admin
  Maserati Ghibli S

Experiment with the active topics button to see all the new posts since you last logged in, and there is also a mark all forums read button on the main screen.