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Like you classic games?


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Bloody hell that guy likes his computer games.

I was looking through some of the stuff in my parents garage the other day, and i found my old Nintendo NES with Mario Bros and duck hunt.
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Probbaly not actually, but I'm sure i've seen it elsewhere

Still, wow. That guy must have no life.

I love my games, but I packed my 8bit consoles away a long time ago...
I think that's pretty cool. It's not something I would ever think about but you can't argue with the dedication, and if that's what makes him happy then more power to him.

However, retro games are mostly s**t. They were great back in their day when they were good, but they aren't good anymore. Mostly they are stupidly hard because the games were relatively short. They had nothing like the immersion that we have enjoyed since the days of the Nintendo 64 bringing us true 3D with Mario 64.

If you disagree then you need some new rose tinted glasses IMO. Try playing the old classics and see how bored you get after 10 minutes ;)
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I dunno, thats quite a colleciton. Wouldn't say he was sad, just dedicated. Like he says most people collect things, he just collects games. Probably worth quite a bit.
Has nobody even bothered to read the FAQ at the bottom of his page?

It answers all of the comments made in this thread.

Q: How old is this guy? Bet he still lives in his parents house. He must never have a girlfriend or get laid!
(Ah, My favorite emails.. Thanks to all the jerks who send me these emails and post this kinda crap on forums.)

A: I’m 31, Been happily married for 11yrs, and we have a 3yr old son so yes, your all right, I’ll never have a girlfriend. My wife plays video games also and was actually glad to see all my stuff condensed into one room instead of scattered in our living room, office, and various closets, etc. We bought our house in 1995 and I haven’t lived with my parents since 1991 when I was 17.

Q: With all those games this guy surely has no life!
(Another one of my favorite comments from the “immature” crowd.)

A: Thanks for trying to act like you people know me and saying I have no life, “clearly” you don’t know wtf you are talking about. I play video games on average of 10-15 hrs a week. Just because I “own” 5,000+ games doesn’t mean I play games all the time. Many of my games I’ve never even gotten to play yet. Jay Leno owns 107 cars, Does that mean he must spend all his time driving them?

Once every 3-4 months my brother, 2 brothers in-law, and few friends come over and we just rip-up on multiplayer games from Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon. We have done this for years. When we are crashed the wives/girlfriends jump in and play games too or use the projector to watch movies.

When I was younger (10-15yrs) I played the hell outta video games but gaming comes to a trickle once your out on your own, married, have kids, and a social life. Something you don’t have when your freaking 12. I just never grew out of “collecting” games and still enjoy playing them when time to play them is available.

Time for you insulters to get a life yourself!

Darren S

ClioSport Club Member
Lets face it - the kids would never be bored, would they?! ;)

Hat's off to the guy. It's no different than people having thousands of albums or CDs. You can't listen to them all at once - it just gives you the ability to be choosey.

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This bloke is a legend. If it wasn't for collectors like these, the old games and stuff would get thrown away and never experience by the newer generations.

Good on him for having an interest. We spend money on cars, he spends money on games, fair play.

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Fair play to the guy! A good mate of mine collects retro consoles/games yet never really plays on them apart from when a big group of people go over!

I have a fair few of those older consoles though lol