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Liverpool Victoria

How accurate are their quick quotes online?? i have been looking at insurance on a valver and they seem very good :Dbut when i phone would it be completeley different???? :confused:
  TT 225

LV are usually quite good.... for modified cars. They wouldnt even quote me on my Willy, cos of a such high insurance group and my young age :mad:
  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

Gave me a good online quote for the Willy, but when I rang them they wouldnt do it, again because of my age.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

there quick quotes are usually what you will receive on the phone

if you get quoted say between 600 - 800, id say the quote will come to 720 ish, it always seemed just over the half way mark for me

i was payin £1200 TPFT with Flux, found L/V an now im payin £950 FULLY COMP !

Watch the small print though. The quotes are for "10 month bonus accelerator" - which means youre covered for 10 months not 12!!:p

If you look at the 12 month quotes theyre very similar to other firms ones.

Errrm acutally my quote was for 12 months from LV, undercut direct line who i was with by 300 quid ;) totally impressed me BTW.