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Local Area Network e-mail set up ?!?!

  Revo Stage 1 Leon FR
One for the fellow geeks in here.

I am in the process of setting up a friends network, 2 laptops and one network Hard Drive. They both want access to e-mails, is it possible to set any programs such as outlook etc, to store downloaded e-mails on a mapped network drive rather than the laptops hd, so they can both access archived e-mails on each laptop ?!

Much appreciated !
We use Oasys filing system in here with Outlook, you simply set up a location you want to file emails in on the server.
  Revo Stage 1 Leon FR
In the Microsoft email settings you can change where to store the e-mails, but it will only allow a local drive for the location not even a mapped drive, how frustrating!