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Long time no speak.

Hello old friends - hows it going?

Not posted on here since the forum changed, firstly because I had not really much to say and secondly because I couldnt really be arsed. However I have been looking closely at the threads. Clio cup sounds awesome and I am still yet to see one on the road.

The Cooper S is running well and no problems to report apart from the odd squeak and rattle here and there which the new mini is renound for. Engine is run in (3500 miles) and is soon ready to be upgraded. Two options - John Cooper works conversion £3500 which give 200 bhp and full BMW warrenty for three years Birds/Hartge tuning kit @ £1500 + VAT which gives 212-215 proven bhp which sends BMW 3 year warrenty down the pan and is replaced by their own years warrenty on their parts only.

If Rhys or JamesP or any others are up for a rag through the peaks sometime then let me know. Suppose the weather is a bit dodgy for it though at the minute.
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Welcome back CooperS-Boy.

Got a good look at the Cooper S at our local motor show last month and think its a stunning little car except for the fact that its too small, but it does look like a smashing little go-kart (no insult intended)
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Hello Cooper S boy, still using Optimax? Ho are you finding your Cooper S now that it is run in?

Viceroy: I thought the new Mini was slightly larger than a 172 when you put them next to each other. Isnt the mini slightly heavier?

Yeah still using optimax Greeper and it seems to be a little more responsive than usual but not sure if that is just in my head or not. Cant honestly say that I have noticed much difference after run in but I didnt exactly run it in to the book as i met up with Rhys from here with less than a K on the clock and spent most of that bouncing off the rev limiter. Get a lot more burbling and popping from the exhausts though from optimax which is nice. Looking forward to having it running at 215 bhp withing the next 2 months.

The S can definatley hold its own against bigger more powerful cars and cause upset as I am sure the 172 does. Had a new shape WRX getting smaller in the rear view mirror over the snake pass coming back from Manchester a few weeks ago. Windy roads is definatley where this car belongs.
  mk2 172

hello csb, me and rhys were on about you the other day wondering where you were. get any of them, 200bhp plus mmmmmmmmm.


Hi there CSB. Unfortunately the Clio is going so I can spend the money on rent (what a swap). I will have a new motor next week, but itll mean slumming it with less equipment and power for a few months. Then onto a Scooby or possibly and Evo of some variety....

Not sure who the other Cooper S belongs to Craggy. How much did you get for the 172 and what did you pay for the 206? Wouldnt have thought that there would be a great deal of difference between the two cost wise?? Anyway hope the new motor is alright and see you around.


Got £10700 for the Clio (paid about £12000) and the Pug was £8000. At least I can pay the rent now! Need to sort the handling out on the 206 as it isnt wildly impressive at the moment.


Wouldnt mind a look and a spin in the 206 sometime Rhys as the G/friend (Now Fiance) is interested in getting one. Mainly for the reason that like you say above you can pick a good one up for 8K and a 172 will set you back 10.

abbs_172 - Split up with girlfriend and now need to pay a small fortune in rent all by myself!

James - yes mate, any time.Ill let you know when Ive got it (will be a week or so)