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lowering 60mm

  Clio MK2 PH2
if i lower my clio extreme 1.2 60 mm on 17" Dotz Palladium wheels will i still be able to take 4 people in the car no problem without anything rubbing?
  Civic Em1, Civic Eg4
When i had 17's on mine and it was only dropped 40mm it would scrub with one person in the back...
  182 Cup/Mk5 Gti
im lower than 60mm on coilies but i have 15's. i dosent scrape and ive only had 1 person in the back before and it was fine. but with a full car i think it would. but i carnt imagine mine with 17's :dead:


ClioSport Moderator
I lowered mine 60mm last week, on 16's. Haven't actually had more than one person in the back, but with three of us in the car there was no problem at all. Doubt I'd have a prob with 1 more tbh.
  LY 172
mines lowerd 60mm on spax springs with 15s full boot of camping gear and 5 people in the car with no scraping/rubbing
  "Navy" N17 TWO
My Black dci was on 17" alloys & coilovers - didn't rub on the back with people in it :)