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lowering and de cat questions



Hi guys,

can you advise me on the best de cat kit for my 2000 172 and also the best kits for lowering the ride height a bit.

cheers in advance
Decat is the best option but it might fail MOT but usually the chepeast.

There no best kit springs alone I don't like I think you should change dampers and springs together Apex are a popular choice best do a search.
  R35 GTR
wide said:
eibach sportslines get my vote. nice drop & much nicer ride than the apex springs.

sportslines were good, but if you have the money.....h+r.

As for decat, dont bother, less hassle from insurance that way, just go for a good sports cat.
  Clio 172 mk2
Second the above....sports cat is your best bet if you don't want to get fined on a roadside emissions test and don't want the hassle of changing pipes at mot time.


cheers for all the tips guys, will have to make up a little shopping list !