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Lowering by 30mm - Worthwhile?


ClioSport Club Member
  Black Gold 182FF
Hey guys, im thinking of buying some g-max 30mm lowering springs for quite cheap 2nd hand at £25! I was originally thinking of going for 40mm but im sure there couldnt be a big difference between the two :S

Would anyone here have their car down 30mm just so i can get an impression of what it looks like? They are going on my mk2 ph1 with 16" dynamique wheels

Thanks for reading! :)
  More poke than viagr
It depends how you want it really, tbh i dont think you would notice a 30mm drop if you've got 16" wheels (well thats what i found lol)

But you cant argue with the price lol
  Black Clio GT
£25 is cheap and i recon -30mm is a good start but wont look much lower, like tom said it depend on future plans