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Lowering on Eibach.

  Clio v6

Yep ! Cause one of the first things the insurance assesssssors check, is that genuine parts are on the car and any mods have been agreed.

Its cheaper to pay a wee bit now than get totally clobbered if you have a prang and didnt tell them.
  Lionel Richie

Yeah BUT you could get away with it with the Eibach springs cos theyre black (same as factory) unlike mine which are RED!!! Whats 35mm between friends???
  Fiesta TDCI

I assume they only fit springs on the front and lower the torsion beam on the back?

How long does this take and how much should i be looking to pay (supply and fit)?

Does it make a big difference to the handling/ride quality?

  Renault Laguna Coupe

Stokesey have a look under your rear arches - there are springs! You get 4 springs in the Eibach kit - dont need to do anything with the beam. The suspension is completely different to the torsion bar setup that earlier Clios had.

The Eibachs certainly improved the handling of my car. It corners with a lot less body roll, and is more composed on bumpy or broken-up surfaces. The ride is firmer without being anywhere near uncomfortable.

Costs? I paid £126 for the springs including delivery to my house, and £45 for a local garage to fit them. Add on another £20 or £30 to get the wheel alignment corrected afterwards - this is essential it WILL be out.
Hope this helps - its the best mod you can do for a couple of hundred quid.