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lowering problem

ok here goes.

Earlier today i tried lowering my phase 1 clio 1.4rt using the very helpful guide made by weight

It was all going to plan the dust caps came off no problem and the torsion bar wasnt ceased and that came out ok as well. Im right in thinking that you have to pull the two bars right out.....arent I !!!

Right this is where the problems start. By the sounds of a lot of other people lowering the clio is easy so it is probably my dumbness.

After the car is on axle stands and bars are out i dont get where you jack the rear at. The pictures on the guide are for a 16v and im presuming the rt is different as i cant see what to do.

PLEASE HELP hope this makes sense

right, i havent seen under the RT so im not sure if its the sme either, but i would have thought it would be - you wanna jack up the centre bit that the torsion bars go into dont you? ie where they have come out of?

havent done this myself, and am going on the guide aswell, but it looks like its there?

let me know how you get on, im doing mine this weekend.

what dprings you using also?

front springs are spax. Actually attempting to raise the rear rather than lowering because it was lowered by r tec ages ago and now im feeling that its too low at back very uncomfortable.

I was thinking the same but didnt want to jack that part just in case i was wrong

ah got ya! first time ive heard of ppl hightening their motor ;). how much you gonna have it dropped by then in total?

put some pics up when its done!

it is so low at the moment that the rear arch is practically touching the wheel.

anyone else lowered an rt who can help

ok this is how i would do it if i were you.bascially , you should have marked the relationship between the splines on your torsion bar and the groove in the housing in the centre before you removed the torsion bar from it completely. this would tell you how it is aligned at the moment. then, you would want to rotate it back one notch (understanding?). im guessing if its so low they must have done 2 clicks.

like he says in the guide, it is fiddly and a case of trial and error.

so let me get this straight before i take the torsion bar out fully i should note what position it came out. then taking the bar out rotating the bar one way or another is going to lower or raise it. then slide it back in

thats how i would do it yes. cant remember which way lowers / raises it, youll just have to try and see what happens!

measure the height off the ground before you start, and it should be 30mm higher if you have put it one click back.

thinking about it, if you havent marked it and the bar has come out, i would have thought the arm would automatically reset back to the standard position, so if you think about it r tec would have raised the arm until the bracket had rotated 2 teeth, so you want to raise it only 1 tooth.

i reckon the guide should apply exactly to you as soonas you let the bar out of the arm.

give it a go, the worst that will happen is that the height will be the same(or lower!); just keep playing around with it till you get the right height.

north london - finchley

just been to a garage to get wheels alligned spoke to a guy who new a bit about torsion bars seems a bit more straight forward when the car is raised above your head and you can se everything clearly. gonna give it another go on the weekend good lck with yours