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Lowering Springs

  2008 Clio Mk3 1.2Tce
Welcome :)

Personally, if I was to buy a set of after-market springs - I'd be going for Eibachs.

They are more expensive, but I'm on my second set now and would only really replace them with another batch of Sportlines.
Thank you for the advice, I will have a look for some Eibachs
  Clio 172 + Clio200T
Ride quality is terrible on apex, as above id go for eibach or h&r
I too reccomend H&R. I've bought a set for my 200T to have her a lil lower and I have them on since I bought it.. very pleased with them. Silencers will wear quite fast so sometimes they can give a bit of a knocking but nothing unbearable.