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i plan to lower my clio by 30/35 mm and just want to know what spring kits peopl eon here would recomend, i am only going for springs at the mo shocks will come later on.

at the moment i am lokoing at a set of pi springs 35mm drop i will lower the rear by about 40mm approx

thanks in advance

My main advice would be to think carefully about the rear. I lowered my old 1.2 on big wheels and it tore chunks out of the rear arch lips. So make sure if you go low on the rear that you choose big wheels with a different offset to normal. Dont think its really a problem on 15s, but it certainly is on 16s or with tyres that have large shoulders.

-40mm at the front is no problem.

thats was a quick reply

at the mo i have 14s on 15s soon hopefully, i dont want a major drop as alot of roads here are crap and i not want the extra problems,

what make of spring would u recomend though i have never used or tryed pi, any good?

I used avo (chassis dynamics) r40/f35 on my mk2 172 and to be honest it was too much. The shocks couldnt cope. Ive heard good things about Eibach though.... (Ive used them on BMWs in the past and they are excellent quality but pricey - AC Schnitzer rebadge Eibach!)

Im -35mm all round at the moment, on 195/50/15.. Its ok, But I feel I might be going lower all round maybe sometime next year.

Rubs a bit on full lock at the moment.

Standard Shocks still, too.


I wouldnt just use springs if I were you.... I would just save up and buy some shortened matched shocks for your springs if you want a car that drives much better

Ive lowered mine 30mm allround with APEX springs thats it, and i have had no probs at all, ive even had 5 poeple in the car and it didnt bottom out at all, but all the same i wont have 5 people into again slows it right down fells like a milk flot

Yes it might be lower but you still get the car leaning over when your hammering it round a corner.. this is because the standard shocks still have all that length to flex and they extend and let the car lean.... If you like cornering as much as i do then you know leaning is bad

I had pi lowering springs f30/r35 on ma old phase 1 172 and it handled well but wasnt level(as all mk2s r higher on the back) so then changed them 2 prima racing f35/r40 spring which were rubish. Now on ma phase 2 172 ive got 40mm apex springs and shockers all round with 17s 40mm offset and the car sits level and handles brilliant,but did have 2 get ma arches rolled on the back. but if ur running 15s id lower it 60mm all round.

Just noticed my back rubs on the tyre-wall all the time - if I have anyone in the back, you can hear it scraping. With just me/me and passenger in the front, I think it only scrapes on some bumps etc..

Reckon Ill be grinding the lip off inside the arch sometime soon.