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making a neon sign - fabric needed

  FOR SALE - Mk1 V6

anyone know of any material that i could use that would spread the colour of a neon light under it?

the plan is the make a thin box this a sign on top, i dont want the neons themselves to be seen but the writing to show up well.
  Williams 2, STi N12

Any material placed above any light source will spread the light, as by definition it is a diffusing surface. The trick is to choose the correct diffusing surface.

How big is the sheet of material going to be?? And more importantly, is the diffusing material going to be used outside or inside??

Let me know and I can get you some screen material.
  FOR SALE - Mk1 V6

thanks for the reply,

its going to be a large sign on the parcel shelf not sure on an exact size yet.
  Williams 2, STi N12

Assuming I am working to the maximum size of it replacing the parcel shelf, then I have got a bit to cover it.

The material is a 10mm thick acrylic so it should be plenty srong enough for that type of size, it has a special optical coating that is flow-coated onto one surface that diffuses the light. To be technical, it has a gain of 0.8 and a half angle of around 55 degrees. So should be OK for your needs.

Where you from?