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Mapped drives & permissions


ClioSport Club Member
Right, I have a shared drive on a PC (a) that i want another PC (b) on the network to be able to write files to. Without giving everyone full control of the share, how can i allow a local user on another PC permissions to write to the folder?

I've tried mapping the drive on b as the a local admin account and it won't map.

There must be an easy solution to this?
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Depends on the OS... vista or XP, but Right click on the drive, go to sharing and hit permissions, then add a guest account from say, the local machine with read only permissions. Then go to the other machine map drive, enter location and click the option beneath it saying log on as another user or something, then choose guest from the originating machine and hit remember, job done.

Thats exactly how i done it on vista setting up file sharing on another pc.
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Need to make sure both file and share permissions allow write access. The lower of the two permissions takes effect, and they are both seperate permissions...
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sorry i misread, thought it was only read onluy access, yeh as mike says, chamnge to wire only