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Mark 1 RSI

A couple of questions about 95 Mark 1 Clio RSIs.

Firstly did any of them come with Gold alloys from new? I bought mine about 9 months ago and it had shabby gold allys which I had refurbished (now looking mint). They are the standards RSI alloys and I was wondering if someone had them painted along the way.

Secondly was ABS fitted as an option when new? Unfortunately (due to me moving) its looking like Im gonna have to sell it in the next couple of months so I was checking out the competition in Autotrader and the like and some of them state ABS - I didnt think any of them did have.

Anyway if anyone is wanting an RSI (absolutely mint) but not ready to change for a couple of months - let me know



Only clios to come with gold wheels as standard are the willys! So i guess yours were sprayed!

As for the abs not sure but i doubt it as abs was only an option on the 16v! Guess it could have been an option on the RSis too?