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Market Research - Optimax and Autoroute

Oh no, not Optimax again.

I was thinking of putting together a Microsoft Autoroute map complete with the locations of all Optimax petrol stations.

would this be of interest to anyone and, if so, which version of Autoroute are you using?

Ill probably make the data available in other formats too.

Cheers Mate - thats brill!
Only trouble is, 18 locations wouldnt translate into Autoroute 2002 - whether thats because the postcodes "dont exist" in 2002 or the data is transposed or whatever, I cannot say.
Anyway - great stuff! Looking forward to the rest (esp Yorkshire, Scotland...).
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

You say there are other locations cause I have one location up the road from me so I hope that is one covered in the next installment Good work BTW.

OK, give us your request - which areas do you want me to do next?

Patience is the word - Ive just gone through every Sky channel and found sod all to watch, so its either this or do some fee-earning work