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Master cylinder help

  Inferno 182 cup
I need a new master cylinder part number

Master cylinder : 7701207473 believe it’s made by Bosch

and I know these are hard to get new, anyone know where I might find one new or can I use the biggred master cylinder rebuild kit BRM1480 and if so is this quite easy to do? Or is there and alternative I can use instead that I can acquire new as have read that the 197 master cylinder is a direct replacement if I use my existing fluid reservoir?

Any info that might help me I would be greatly thankful for as I have run out of ideas

  Inferno 182 cup
Unsure, but I'd fire them an email and see what they say. The probably have all the parts you need but maybe not in a kit.
Yeah I’ll try contacting them tomorrow. If they can’t do the rebuild do you have any info on how I might move forward trying to get either a replacement or wether I can use a different one etc or know of anyone here who I could contact to get the info I need?