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me RT is quick - I can prove it

I used to get the speedo showing 115 mph on my 1.2 with 13" wheels on. That went down to 105 mph with 16s on!
  (ex-2.0 Hybrid)CorradoVR6

Got mine to 120 trying to keep up (with not much luck) behind matt b and the rest going down to southend after the rr day
  BMW 320d Sport

lol yeah those RTs really fly once theyre behind another Clio! I dont know why but they do seem to perk up once theres something in front of them. I think the most I got out of my old totally standard 1.4 RT was about 110mph? And maybe that was downhill as well. I know it took ages to get there though!


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  Golf GTi DSG

I got mine up to 120 on 13s when I first bought it, but it took bloody ages! Its now on 15s and do 105-110 at a push, seems to get up to 90 easy then take ages to get to 91,92,93!


bigger diameter wheels will show lower speeds as the final drive is slower, put smaller wheels on and will show a faster speed at top end.

This is why one must remember the speedos are calibrated for the standard rolling diameter of any wheel, and even with standard the speedo can be as much as 10% out, esp. the faster U go


Whats everyones acceleration times then? I am on a 1.4 rt with 15s and mine is pretty pants. I know some people who can get theres going quite quick (with no real mods) but mine seems soooo slow accelerating. The only thing I seem to be able to beet is a tracter and maybe a transit van.

How does everyone drive? where abouts do they change gear? cos i noticed my car is ok upto about 2.5 then it drops off a little then it picks up big style after 3. But I dont want to push it to much...suppose it would be a good excuse to get that 16v early if my car blew up. Actually though, if you look at your RT dials (on mine anyway) I dont actually have a red zone. Which is really cool. So does anyone have any ideas what happens in the more solid white area of the rev counter?