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Megs NXT car wash!

  182... again!
Thought I'd try this as have run out of AG shampoo! Very impressed, foams up well and car took less time to dry as well!

Patrick at Demon Tweeks reckoned Megs is a step up from AG (lasting longer) with Zymol even better again! Seems to be the case, so far so good
Not suprised coming from AG shampoo.

Get yourself some Sonax gloss shampoo. Kind on waxes and sealants, gives a good finish and is cheap as chips :) so to speak.
You could prob get hold of a local rep or something along those lines and buy it in bulk matey..
i use goldclass shampoo seems quite gd also used megs soft wash stuff in pink bottle quite gd if cars just dusty and been polished waxed etc on last clean:)