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Is this a new or older one? I like the look of the new ones, especially in that grey colour. Never driven one though, bit of a tarts car?


ClioSport Club Member

TF 160 is a very nice car - lots of power (still not enough) looks pretty sexy i think. Older MGFs (1.8 vvc) are nice but we have loads of problems with em!
  (ex-2.0 Hybrid)CorradoVR6

Ummm bit of a lady boys car:p. Drove the mgzr 160(PS!!!) it was quick but old 16v is alot more fun and probably quicker .... ;).

I used to own one:- Cup is quicker and handles better. The only plus point on the MGF is that you can drive it harder in the wet.

there gay full stop

drive it hard in the wet !! no chance

if you take it out in the wet it will fall apart from rust :)

they slip all over the place in the wet!!!! and its not easy to look cool/keep your modesty whilst getting out of one in a short skirt!!!!:cool:

Good cars... but prefer my 172 any day... hubby had one but got rid coz of all the gay/hairdresser comments lol!!

I didnt need to worry about short skirts !!

What I ment to say is it was "more fun in the wet" as you could play with the back end quite alot. It was always supprising at how quickly it came back under control as soon as you came off the gas, it snapped back in line very quickly and you could plant the pedal back into the floor straight away (you had to be quick comming off the gas though !).

The cup is a bit more unforgiving when the front end goes in the wet, under power, on a corner and you carry a little too much speed into the corner. But I must add you do have to drive a little silly to do it and it is far harder to get it back in line then.

I used to enjoy pushing the MGF in the wet to make the back end go as it recovered so well, this I do miss in the cup.