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Midland meet pics

Cool - nice one Louise. Nice to meet you BTW. Wouldnt mind seeing your fiesta at some point.

Pete - That a real cossie. Isnt it??

The 2 cups are Matbrowns and Waynes.
  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

Desmondo. Likewise :)

Yeah, when the Fezzy is back on the road, Ill bring it along to a meet :D

GR - Waynes cup has a K-Tec sticker on it, cos hes been off to K-Tec for his exhaust and quickshift (Cant remember if hes had anything else done since)

the cup has the k-tec sticker cos it has a k-tec twin exhaust and the k-tec short-shift gear change - and the yellow one has a k-tec sticker cos it was there at the time the blue one had its bits fitted!!!! :D