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Misfire on full throttle

  Naughty Nautical
I have a 1.2 8v Clio, on full throttle when going off from being stationary ie, a roundabout, it misfires very badly.. Doesn't do it when driving normally and doesn't do it all the time, it's also when it gets warm. It runs lovely when on motorway and general light driving.
Does anyone have any ideas? I'm going to change spark plugs, and maybe look into coil pack.
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  Naughty Nautical
Ok excellent thanks :) Do you think I should change plugs first or go straight to Coilpack?
  Milltek'd clio 182
replace the coil pack and get yourself 4 new sparks, and your be fine, i have had similar problems in the past, but easily sorted and not to expensive either, but it is a pain, all renaults eat coil packs and spark plugs, thats there speciality lol common fault
  Not a 320d
Is the 8v engine similar to the 16v

I had a problem with my 1.2 16v (2001) where a loos metal box cover thing had rubbed away at the wiring loom, situated at the back of the engine and had the same problem. Some electrical tape to stop the loom shorting was all that was needed.
  black ph2 172
mine was a ht lead breaking down, i would try this before coil pack.

had the same thing when it got hot would miss but not all the time.

they are a lot cheaper than coil pack.
  Naughty Nautical
Took my HT leads off my coilpack then put them back on and there seems to be no misfire.. :S