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MK1 16V Wheels

  Mk1 1.8 16V Turbo
Hi guys
looking for some help / insperation. I have a MK1 16V turbo that needs some new wheels, the car is black what style and colour would look good? It currenly has 17's on because of the size of the front brakes but looking if we can squeez some 16's on.

link to Picture below to see what it currenly has fitted



ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 200 RS EDC
16's have always looked to big for a mk1 though.

I'd be selling the brakes off an fitting some that will fit under 15's -


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 200 RS EDC
The wilwoods were immense on the one I drove and they fit under 15's
  Clio 172, Escort RST
I couldn't see a link for the photo.

What size are your front brakes? The Turbines on my 172 were a bolt on fitment.


ClioSport Club Member
If you need Big wheels on it go for something tarmac rally style, like a compomotive mo5
  Renault Clio
Please remove the spoiler and single wiper lol

Pics of engine? Interior? I got a mk1 so I'm interested in seeing more
  Mk1 1.8 16V Turbo
@MarcR™ yes we managed to squeeze them on, its tight but the wheel design choice was important to help get the clearance.
@Chowny whoever buys it can make there own choices and add / remove what the want. Interior is standard with the exception of the dash top with boost gauge built in and a B&M shifter, if you click on the top picture you can scroll through pics inc the interior and engine bay


ClioSport Club Member
It's really very nice................
but as other have said it looks like a ripspeed promo car from 1999.

I guess thats marginally amusing with the amount of grunt it's got on tap.