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Mk1 V6

  V6 Mk1, Golf GTI Mk5
Couple weeks ago I met a fellow Reno enthusiast who reached out to take some photos of the V6. Safe to say chuffed with them and some great photography skills.

I assume he maybe on here, but Instagram name is @peddles96 owner of a 200T, Twingo 133 then a very cool, original Twingo.

DSC_0927 by Ben Notman, on Flickr
DSC_0917 by Ben Notman, on Flickr
DSC_0940 by Ben Notman, on Flickr
DSC_0915 by Ben Notman, on Flickr
DSC_0920 by Ben Notman, on Flickr


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ClioSport Club Member
I didn't realise this was his car?

Great shots mate.


ClioSport Club Member
  mk8Fiesta ST,172 cup
looks amazing, there are some great picture locations in and around Edinburgh city centre.