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mk2 golf gti 16 bites the dust

  mk2 172

just raced one off a roundabout up the hill/bridge in doncaster, i had a passenger he never, he was in front and booted it first, so did i he was about 3 car lengths in front, when i went to second i sorta gained a length from 40-60, them by the top of third at about 90 i had reeled him in totally then we had to slow down at the top of the hill.
  320d M Sport

i nailed a Mk2 16v the other night as well, was pleasently surprised how well it pulled though!
  mk2 172

nice one, 07734580340 is mine, rhys told me yesterday hed be up for anyday, sat/sun? ill put it in meetings, rhys wanted donny as well as me if thats alright with you, its just the roads are much better for drag racing, the weathers a bit bad for enthusiastic driving in the peaks, also rhys is considering straying to the "dark side";)
  mk2 172

i was in the saxo simon..................but iv just been looking and they did an 8 valve version at that time so it may have been one of those. i thought they were all 16v after bout 89 or summat. it had a nice stainless exhaust too
  CTR EK9 turbo

My friend has a 16v mk.2 F-reg. Its pretty quick and id say its quicker than my friends VTS - possibly even stevens off the lights tho(?)

On a death race onto a dual carriageway i think the Golf 16v would definately pull away. Thats 1.8 16v 137 bhp standard around 7.5 to 60 i think?
  mk2 172

lol "death race", dont think i did to badly homing in on that one uphill with a passenger:D, and you might be right about the 16 valver, but i can think of two other 1.8 16v with 137 bhp that havent been able to defeat me:cool:
  CTR EK9 turbo

hehe oh yeah. Good work matey! its still a slay in whatever youre drivin! as long as it doesnt slay me!

Wel have to have a massive shoot-out one day with every variant of hot-hatch there is. 106 gtis, 206 gtis, 16vs, willys, 172s, VTSs, Cupra Ts, Golfs, 306s - the lot itd be great to pitch them against each other at a huge national meeting at somewhere like Santapod or Crail or something. Thered probably be too many cars to deal with tho!

Have you ever managed to race an Polo G40s? ive heard those things are real fliers once modded. I was in a cue next to one a while back and we were baiting each other with surges.