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MK2 PH1 Owners in here...

How have you (if at all) stopped water getting in through the aerial?

Nipped round the shop earlier after a torrential down pour and a stream of water pissed onto my leg from around the interior light console :(

Surely I can't be the only one with this problem?
  Monaco Blue Mk2
Hmm...not noticed this myself yet...touch wood. I'd say you're probably best taking the interior light out and sealing the aerial surround.
  BMW 330D
Has happened to me ( i have a mk2 ph2). Only the once though and it tipped it down all night (about a year ago), not happened since tho touch wood!
Never happened on ours. If you take the interior light off you might be able to get access to the aerial to smear some silicone sealant around it with your finger.

Yeah or my neigbours BMW :S

Not helping Fletch, in fact you're a builder, you must have some silicon sealent I can pinch!
  Dynamique S 138
i sorted mine out by doing this lol

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  Dynamique S 138
wish i never done it now as the spoiler hits it lol, i think it looks much better at the rear :)
  Astra coupe
i just used a rubber washer on the inside,cranked the ariel up tight, seems to have done the trick, although my interior lights packed out now
  172 ph1
Silastic on mine.
Any of your bathroom silicones will work. Pop the cover off, 10mm nut to take off the aerial mount, then smear with sealant and replace. 5 minutes work.