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Mk2, Tanking it, WARRINGTON

  TT 225
You came down sankey way to david lloyd and up cromwell avenue, round asda westbrook and left under the red bridge and then round the roundabout as if you were going the motorway, i was trying to catch up but this big fat 307 was too slow in front of me. Nothing to do with the fugly 5door poo wagon courtesy car i have :rasp: I couldnt really see hat it was as u were too far ahead.
any more details other than mk2?

if it was extremely loud, its me ( i have no back box currently lol)... i was tanking round warrington tonight. Couldnt tell you what areas they were though
  TT 225
ok from town you came down to a set of lights turned left and then followed a road for about a mile with about 5 roundabouts on and then turned left at asda. it was a dark coloured car but thats all i can say.