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Mk2 v6

Just had a look at the new V6 and i have to say that it looks great, anybody know how much it will cost when it comes out ???
  Clio v6

What are your opinions on the bright wheel colured air intakes?

Do they make the intakes look like stuck on Halfords extras?

Would they look good chromed, with chrome wheels?

  Lionel Richie

I like them!!! (well sort of, theyre growing on me!!) What colours is the new V6 going to be available in???? Anyone know???
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

The V6 in that 172 cup style blue, looks stunning until you get round the front.

Lovely colour that blue, both on the V6 and indeed the cup.

  Clio v6

Quote: Originally posted by pmitchell on 03 October 2002

The V6 in that 172 cup style blue, looks stunning until you get round the front.

Lovely colour that blue, both on the V6 and indeed the cup.


Could a Cup owner please confirm the colour of your car?

Clio V6 owners hotline tell me the new V6 is Illiad blue (metallic )

I read somewhere the Cup is Mondial blue (pearlesant)

  Clio v6

Thanks Mat.

So I guess the V6 blue just looks similar, but more metallic rather than see through?


  Audi TT Stronic

i am gonna go against the flow here.. i really like the sivler side intakes.. i think it adds definition to the shape of the mk2 V6
  Clio v6

I am warming to the idea of the silver intakes. Although they will need to get as dirty as the wheels to always match LOL.

I like those carbon fibre ones on the silver V6s, so I guess two totally opposite colours can look OK.
  Clio v6

Well if Renault history is anything to go by, dont expect to get silver air intakes as standard anyway, or even 255 bhp or upgraded ECUs.

The so called "sorted suspension tweeks" will more than likely be part of a sports option package, that new V6 owners will be chasing for many months to follow.

Renault brochures and press releases have a great habit of not panning out. Isnt that so Cup owners?

Yea, if anyone buys a new V6, it HAS to be in that colour - it really is very very nice.

I know my car is Blue, but seriously - that V6 is very nice. Really suits it!


I have a question about the Mk2 V6, now that TWR have disappeared what is happening to the build of these motors, Dealer seemed clueless?

  Silver Fabia vRS

They are being built by RenaultSport in Dieppe (spelling?) so should have good build quality.

The normal 172s / Cups etc are built in the normal factories as I understand but are just badged RenaultSport. Anyone can correct me if Im wrong!

Geoff - youre wrong. All Renaultsport cars are built at Dieppe. Normal Clios are built in a different factory at Flinns. TWR built the previous V6 and were involved in the development of the new V6 but were never going to build it, it was always to be built at Dieppe despite whats happened to them.
  320d M Sport

so this Dieppe factory does exist!! Sounds like ARea 51 the way some people go on.... and just who are REnaultSport, men in black or something? Whens this V6 out?
  Clio v6

Printed on the track day invite letter.

"The V6 255 is now available, exclusively through Premier Sales Centres."