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MKII Phase I central display clock not working.

  1998 Clio RT 1.2
hey all, new to the forum!

this may be a noob question/fault but my middle display is not working above the radio so i can't set up my new radio, i think it may be the fuse but i cant find a list/index that shows you which fuse is which without going through each one!

any ideas appreciated, also after my MOT my car stopped receiving a signal from my keyfob but the central locking button still works in the car and the key is still sending a signal.

thanks, tom :)
What radio have you installed? Is it an after market one? If so did you patch the lead to the display and the stalk controls? Without a patch lead it will just play through the speakers in the car and not display anything to the screen mate. Also the fuse layout is normally moulded into the back of the fuse box lid (passenger side on the side of the dashboard you need to open the door.

The key could be its lost its programming.

Thats how you reset the key (you will also have to become a member to see the guide mate)