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Moding a 1.2 sport

  Suzuki SV1000S

Does anyone have any ideas on modifying engine on a 1.2 sport 16v. I have done eterior and have 17" and lowered and stuff. But know I want more power but in the same car. Any advise welcome inc. good websites on engine conversions. I do have induction kit by the way.

Induction and exhaust will make it sound nicer but add little to no power, while 17s (depending on tyre profile) will certainly rob you of overall speed. I dont think there are any magic mods to get you real power out of the 1.2 16v units - and the "real" engine tuning mods will usually only be developed for the 172 etc.

I had this conundrum with my old 1.2. In the end I stuck to big wheels, lowering, subtle styling through colour-coding and a small spoiler - and good ICE. Id try to play-up the original look rather than going for outlandish styling, but thats just my opinion!:D

I like to keep it subtle!

...but with a kick;)