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MORE new stuff on the car plus big road trip

  t3 corolla 116bhp
hi again :)

have now moved to leicester and have taken the beloved french motor with me.

so before i left, i decided to get some needed work done as im goin back to uni so wont be able to afford it as much

1. new brembo discs and TRW pads. (excuse pic)

2. got car lowered about 30 mm

.........altho this is why :eek:

3. bumper off........


4. xenons on :cool:




anway, drove from home to dublin, took ferry to holyhead, drove from holyhead to leicester, stayed the night in leicester, got up next mornin to drive to bolton to see arsenal game and back


all on 1 tank of diesel, 596 miles in all and needle just slighlty above the red. and over half that was with fully loaded with my stuff. gotta love the 1.5dci


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  Mk1 Clio F4R'd
cars looking nice. nearly 600miles in a heavy car...

thats some achievement! Going to persuade my dad to get a Clio Dci for the shop instead of a polo lol
  "Navy" N17 TWO
Keeps getting better Jonny, love this lil wagon :)

Yours should pass no bother with the xenons, when's it up?
  t3 corolla 116bhp
Keeps getting better Jonny, love this lil wagon :)

Yours should pass no bother with the xenons, when's it up?

cheers doodly :)

not up til may next year.
night time driving is sooooooooooooo much better!!!

took the sidelights out because they were ruining the look. reccommend any LEDs that are a good match?
  PHS 1 172 SILVER
car is looking good hun and welcome to sunny leicester lol
will have to keep a eye out for you:)
  t3 corolla 116bhp
thanks lisa.

only been here a few days so still abit lost in the place but i'll figure it out soon enough :)
  t3 corolla 116bhp
came out to the car yesterday to find someone has done this


not even been here a week ffs
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looking nice mate, well... not so good in the last pic! sorry to see that. xenons look mint, much improved:)