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MOT Fail

Right i could do with some help getting my motor running healthy again

The car (1996 Clio 1.4rt) has failed on the following:

* Side repeater (Easy enough to fix , although LED type so should have lasted ages)

* Nearside front bottom ball joint (due to enthusiastic driving of late)Is this a one piece item or have i got to buy thye whole lot?

* Emissions Fail (They recomend service, but its just had oil and plugs change and new Hill Power/ramir system. It has the cat fitted to stainless exhaust system, this one is confusing me as the car aint even chipped yet.

It got 88bhp on the rollers so one would assume the engine is healthy coz thats way above normal for a zorst and filter. the car has done 65 k under average millage.

Warnings - Exhaust blowing slightly at both joins and front shock Damper anti roll bushes warn. (again easy job)
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ball joints are fairly cheap, average around £15.00, will be attached to supporting arm, may need rivets drilling to remove ball joint like on my old fiesta. Otherwise to replace joint and arm would be approx £80.00
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by how much did it fail the emissions ?

if it wasnt very much then try some fuel system cleaner, use a proper one though

i think BB do one thats supposed to be a lot stronger than off the shelf stuff

otherwise id try the Ecotek Power Boost Foam, or Wynns Xtreme Fuel System Treatment....

Cheers brun is that sh*t really gonna make a difference though m8 i would sooner change the oil again if that gets it through the MOT.

I was thinking about a new sports cat & ECU anyway, is this the time to replace my old one or would that just increase the problem. Does anyone know if the sporst cat will fit a 1.4rt or is it compatible with all clios?

P.S. check out my website for more details on the mods

  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

It depends on why it failed the emmisions test.

Specifically, what did it fail for?

CO too high

Lambda too high/low

HCs too high.

The CO must be less than 0.3%

Lambda should read 1.0 or between 0.097 - 1.030

HCs no more than 200 ppm

O2 should be less than 0.5% but it will not fail for too much o2.

Let me know and I will try and diagnose the cure. Oil change will make no difference, so dont waste any money doing it again!

Ball joints are bolted on and are not too difficult to do.

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Sure you dont want to transfer branches mate we could do with another RTE like you !!

Cheers bob i need to get it sorted coz im goinng to the nurberg ring in april so it needs to be tip top for then. Problem is i dont have my mot sheet with me at the mo i will give you the details tomorrow
  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

Cheers for the offer Leigh! Im doing OK at Driveline though!

CLIO14RT, Let me have the emmissions results so I can help you sort it out!