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Motorway Spped

  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

On average, what speed do you travel at on the motorway?

Having a chat about motorway speed limits last night, interested to see what everybodys nomral speed on the motorway was.

I usually travel at about 90mph on a journey.


Try not to go over 90 too..

Sometimes, especially if the road is very quiet Ill creep up to nearer 100...

When I recieved my 3 points last month :( I was doing 94, and I was told by the coppers:

below 85: and I would have got a warning,
85-95: fixed penalty (which I got),
95-100: Court summons but no ban
100+: Court summons and almost certainly a ban

tend to sit around the 80-85 mark and occasionally creep. Since I got the speed camera detector I have actually slowed down! Is nice knowing they arent there though;)

Usually around 80-90 until, a car full of idiots point at my motor as they go past in a Nova, then the fuel saving goes out the window!!

I do about 55-60 in the slow lane with the slow traffic a lot of the time - especially if the traffic is heavy. You dont get irritated by lane hoggers and you save fuel.

I think the "optimum" speed for a Clio 16v with engine work is either about 55-60mph or 90mph on the motorway - the noise and temptation to go faster are a bit too much for me between 60-80. Hence I try to stick to 55!!

Since Ive had my 172 my motorway speeds have increased terribly - I used to drive a 306 DTurbo and that was very happy around the 80-90 mark, unfortunately the 172 is happy in the 80-!20 mark - eek ! Naughty naughty - I do however spend most time at around 85-90
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

75-85, sometimes hitting 90 but never done 100 on the motorway, done 110 on B roads and 120 on A roads though.

As i do lots of motorway driving i tend to stick to 55-70 (unless im in a hurry)
For my journey the difference in time taken between 60mph and 80mph to get to where im going is about 5mins, so whats the point in driving fast? When i get out after a 60mph drive im far more relaxed than when i get out of a 80/90 mph drive!


  Shiny red R32

I had a bit of fun one day and scared my sister-in-law, by overtaking the Inter City train on a dual carriageway a few yards away from, and parallel to the east coast train line, not far from Edinburgh! (Ben H will know where the road, on the approach to Longniddry).

What have you guys enjoyed overtaking?

I had some fun giving an old Audi 80 S2 (not RS2) some serious legs on that same straight! Had a wonderful summer, me and my motor, in and around Edinburgh.

That straight isnt the smoothest of roads though!
  BMW 320d Sport

Well I just cruise at wherever I feel the half way mark on the accelerator (16v owners will know what I mean) - in 5th on the motorway that means it usually sits quite comfortably at around 110...oops.
  Audi S3

lol! i go everywhere at 80 or a little below! or when i cant be ased 50-60 on the inside lane till summit interesting comes past!:D


all depends on the road. if its empty ill sit at a hundred, if its clear up ahead 80-90. and if its busy i leave my self a big stopping distance, so it all depends on traffic.
  williams and trophy

he he when im in the van usually about 90 ish depending on weather and traffic

when im in the willy usually im FLAT OUT lol

i like to see the rev counter needle hitting the white lines ..lets just say that lol


  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

lately Ive been doing about 75 (loads of police around for some reason)

on occasion I do 86 (usually when going to visit the folks)

sometimes I creep up to 100 (when the gf is in the car and were late for somewhere)

Followed a few BMs, Mercs and a couple of GTis at 110

Once I did 136 on the clock in my mothers 96 Elantra 1.6 GLS Im not sure what the actual speed was because the needle stopped at 136 and I was still going (down a long hill admitedly)

Slightly off topic but dont you just hate it when people try and undertake? It is one of my main annoyances, say you are sitting in the fast lane behind someone else being patient and then someone usually in a Merc, sits behind for a few seconds and then pullls into the middle lane, but when the timing is right they get stuck behind someone in the middle lane anyway!!

As my speedo wasnt working i dunno what speed i was doing earyl sat morn on the dual carriage way, but for a few minutes i sat as 6000RPM in 5th.

Anyone no what kind of speed i was doing, 1400 turbo lump GTT box.13" wheels