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Mounting Harnesses Correctly

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ClioSport Moderator
If you are stripping the interior and installing bucket seats, you're likely to be installing race harnesses aswell.

It is critical you get the installation of decent harnesses right, and if in doubt seek professional help. By professional, I mean from the manufacturer, a well reputed race / rally specialist or another reputable source. Not from that fat kid down the pub who fitted them in his 1.0 saxo and attached them using m8 eyelets and no spreader plates.

If fitted incorrectly, harnesses will do significant damage, especially to your spine. With that in mind, i've made this a sticky due to this excellent link to Schroth Racing's installation guide. Enjoy.

If anyone has any other useful links or points they want in this sticky, then PM me or another mod and they will update accordingly.
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