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MS Vista

Gonna give my computer a format on weekend... been running XP for a few years... its it worth using Vista? If so whats best edition to use?

as said... wouldnt bother yet... try gettin hold of "xp lite" off bit torrent, or whatever file sharing you use. Runs a treat!
bigmaddaz said:
Ive got XP Pro .... is XP lite better then xp? if so why ? (just briefly:) )

xp lite is a highly tweaked version of XP, designed to run like s**t off a shovel.

if you do decide to use it, then make sure you have drivers for at least your modem/network card, as it does not automatically install drivers for anything apart from your monitor.
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hey olliee have you got a link to lite, there is one on torrentspy, but hardly any sources
Conteo said:
hey olliee have you got a link to lite, there is one on torrentspy, but hardly any sources

ill have a quick look, but on 56k for rest of this week so cant really check out loads of sites cos it will take ages n im off soon.

if i cant find it i will send it you over msn or upload it to my server at the weekend!
ah sh*t it, the version i hate is tiny XP, try searching for that!

    eXPerience Proudly Presents...

    Windows XP Pro SP2 Unattended (UK Version)

    Thank you for installing this stripped out (103Mb)
    Edition of XP.  I clocked mine in Task Manager 
    using only 39.5Mb of RAM. Windows XP usually uses
    300Mb of RAM at the very least.  This "TinyXP" takes
    up only 400Mb total space on your system hard drive.

    Check out the JPEG image "TinyXP.jpg" on this CD to
    see what functionality is left remaining in Windows.

    By using only 40Mb of RAM, this allows
    your PC to run fast, I mean VERY fast!

    All important hardware drivers and other essentials
    have been kept in this release - no more problems
    with those stupid Alcatel stingray modems! You have
    joystick support, printer support and other bare
    essentials. "Microsoft SideWinder" joystick support
    has been left in.

    NOTE: You cannot use Microsoft Office with
    this tiny edition of Windows XP. You still have one
    Microsoft application left in Windows - MS Paint.

    GONE is that nasty Internet Explorer, it does not
    exist in this Edition. You will have to install
    Firefox or Opera or any other browser to access
    the internet.  ALSO GONE is Windows Media Player.
    You will have to grab some kind of player from
    somewhere if you want to play stuff. GONE also
    are all Windows noises like startup and shutdown
    noises, but audio does work. You cannot use 
    Microsoft Office, but you DO have support if 
    you want to install a printer. 

    This XP Pro SP2 Unattended is so tiny @ just 103Mb
only "problem" is you cant use microsoft office, but that really a problem these days with firefox/thunderbird and open office available for free!


The file name for it is "Windows Tiny XP SP2 Unattended [103Mb ISO] (Uses Just 40Mb RAM!) [16.11.05] (eXPerience).exe" (its .exe because its a self extracting archive, so it extracts the ISO to your desktop, n' then you just burn to a disk.

I have a site that installs all the latest XP Windows Updates as well, cant remember it off the top of my head, but i will find it for ya.
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We had a Vista comp at work that some of our walk in customers fiddled with. They all didnt go much on it and couldnt see the point in upgrading from XP.

Some of them are still scared to upgrade from 98 to XP

I certainly wont be reccomending Vista to our Corporate clients even when the final build is out for a while
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sneeks said:
Vista RC1 was released today, no idea what improvements were made or if it is any good.

Vista RC1 was released over a week ago (CPP and chosen others even before then)

In answer to the original question if you want to try it go ahead. I've been dual booting with Vista for a while now (5536, 5552, 5600 aka RC1 and 5717 any day now) and it runs absolutely perfectly for me despite what the doom merchants preach.

It really does make me laugh when people rave on about how fast their PC's are, how they have 2gb+ of ram, the latest graphics cards, RAID 0, watercooling, Dual cores, overclocked to NASA specs etc and then preach on about "OMG Vista uses a whole 450mb of ram, lets all use Linux or X,Y,Z which only uses 3mb of ram".. So fcuking what... We don't use 486's anymore so get over it.
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Oh yeah, it might be next year until we see vista on the retail shelves....but you might see it a lot sooner "other" places ;)
Evil Ally said:
Try this....

This is the tool that XP lite was made with, you can make your own!

yeah i tried messin with this a bit ago, but unless your pretty good... doin all the registry tweaks n stuff is a bit of a task. And if you are gonna make a proper go at it, it can take a fair while to get it all good. I only use it now to automatically install drivers for gfx, network, sound, etc.
but then again.... they do have good support forums where people have made guides n stuff... worth a go, but tiny XP / XP lite is such a timesaver, and runs really good!
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.Griff. said:
Vista RC1 was released over a week ago (CPP and chosen others even before then)

The only emailed me about it yesterday :( My graphics card needs replacing before I can think about trying it anyway.
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For me, it's just that I've been burned too many times with Windows OS's. XP took two whole service packs to become stable in my opinion. Windows 98 had millions of driver issues for months after lanuch. Windows 2000 had the least issues at launch.

I'm not a linux zealout, but I'll stick with what works.

Darren S

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Still running XP-64 - works fine for me.... ;)

Can't see much point switching to Vista yet as I'd end up turning off all the Maccy-looking shinyness to it anyway. Yet more system resources simply wasted on eye candy!



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I dont understand why people are so keen to upgrade. XP Pro is very stable at its present state.