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  Clio 200 FF

is there anywhere i can get tailored mudflaps for my 172 01> ? the dealer i bought the car from said renault dont do them, is this true?

Seen loads of Clios with mudlfaps.. hehe.

Seen them on Mk2s (Like, SoLows).. so.. They must exist - Dunno if they are an original Renault Part though!


Fred, I agree!

Why oh why put mad flaps on a 172???? its like putting mud guards on a mountain bike - youre meant to get muddy, its part of the experience, same with the clio.....its just not right :confused:
  Clio 200 FF

i know there not cool but on my drive to work i seem to pick up a lot of tar which is a pain to get off
  Clio 200 FF

hmm dont really enjoy having to get on all fours :eek: with the degreaser getting tar off the sills

Robby I know exactly how you feel ! I too are looking for mud flaps I too was told by Reno that they didnt do flaps due to the cars ride height!