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My '06 dCi Van has an Intercooler?

  '06 Clio Van DCi
Hi all..

New to the Forum, but not new to Clios.

I've just got rid of my little daily dCi as it needed a fair bit doing to it, and got this Van through my business.

Anyway, I was cleaning it earlier and noticed it has an Intercooler? Looks like it's the dCi 100 one. The Van feels no different to my old 65, in fact, feels a bit slower.

Am I missing something here, or is it possibly an old retro fit by someone? I can't read the engine code and can't find it on the car anywhere.

The Van has a 'salvage' marker on it, so has had a troubled past lol

I threw my old 15" Dynamic wheels on and some 182 seats... will give it a service this week and investigate a slight Turbo whistle (maybe the answer to the lack of get up n go.)

Anyway... anyone recognise it?